Join us in this action-packed conference to learn about the latest research-based practices to scale up your multi-tiered system of support. We will focus on how to integrate academic, behavioral and social-emotional supports to meet the needs of the whole child. Along with internationally acclaimed speakers, this institute will feature specially designed strands of professional learning to support your stage of MTSS implementation — and your role in this critical work. In addition, participants will hear how school districts from throughout the nation and state are building effective MTSS frameworks and using data to improve student outcomes.

Learning Sessions

Participants will attend three learning sessions in content areas of their choice. Learning sessions are 75-minute presentations provided by nationally recognized experts and practitioners.  The learning sessions will focus on how the SWIFT domains (Administrative Leadership, Integrated Educational Framework, Family & Community Engagement, and Inclusive Policy Structure & Practice) support and sustain effective schoolwide MTSS.


Strands at the National MTSS PLI will provide participants with a deep dive into content specific to their role in implementing MTSS.  Participants will spend two half-day sessions (approximately 5 hours total) participating in a strand of their choice.  Participants may enroll in strands as school, district, county, or regional teams.  Strands will be interactive and provide time for teams to work together on local implementation.  Lead facilitators will introduce new content, while small-group facilitators will ensure activities are differentiated to the unique needs of teams.

Introduction to MTSS

This strand will teach participants why and how MTSS is implemented and sustained.  Participants will learn about MTSS, supporting domains, and action steps for transformation.


Advancing MTSS

This strand is intended for participants interested in extending their MTSS implementation. Participants will match existing resources to implementation priorities and practices.


MTSS Starter Kit – Practical Tools & Strategies

Effective MTSS implementation requires schools and districts to identify available resources, set clear rules for when to provide additional support, and deliver equitable resources and support when needed. Participants will learn how to use the MTSS Starter Kit to guide this process.


SWIFT-FIT Training

SWIFT-FIT (Fidelity of Implementation Tool) is a strengths-based assessment that identifies system-level structures that indicate improved teaching and learning. Participants will become fully trained SWIFT-FIT assessors who can conduct assessments in schools and train others to become assessors.


Essential Partners in MTSS

MTSS is not just for teachers — related service providers are also essential to a system that supports a full range of diverse learners. Counselors, support personnel, and other school staff will learn how their roles can support all students within an MTSS framework.


Using MTSS for Secondary Education

Educators will discuss the unique characteristics for implementing MTSS in high schools.


Leadership Development in MTSS – Shifting from Reacting to Creating

Participants will take stock of their own strengths and learning opportunities to lead change, using the MTSS framework as the context for inquiry.


How does Social/Emotional Learning fit within MTSS?

Participants will discuss how to create an MTSS system that meets students’ social/emotional needs.